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Locking up for the last time at @opusartsupplies downtown tonight. It’s been a rad three years. Three years that I started out as a student and am leaving as a working artist. Thanks doesn’t even cover it, I owe you all so much ;u;
Mothking - another piece from the queen e show
Oh, you don’t follow my bud/embroidery wizard @ann_algesia ?

 You really should then, friend!


Johann Eusebius Voets descriptions and illustrations hartschaaligter insects, Coleoptera on Flickr.

Publication info Erlangen, JJ Palm ,1793-1802.
Contributing Library:
Cornell University Library
BioDiv. Library

(via scientificillustration)

@seankaremaker had a lovely opening at #kafka’s on main tonight! This is a small collab we did for the collection
The night is dark and full of terrors

(I finally managed to get something together for the #GoT show this Friday at @thefalltattooing. it’s going to be fun )
A puffy little Merjiro friend for a good buddy visiting from Japan! Cool story-when he left I had just been given the apprenticeship at @thefalltattooing and we made plans to tattoo him when he cane back for a visit.
Thanks so much Ethan! It was so good to see you!

Shakey baby pictures while taking down a show at the #queenelizabeththeatre

Taking home my little ones from the #queenelizabeththeatre today

Rediscovering sketchbook notes